Modern-day atrocities

Much has been written about historic atrocities, including those by the Nazis. Some of the worst included the elimination of terminally-ill people, deformed children and the handicapped. Therefore, I ask: are we now reverting to the same methods without considering the impact and effects?

To ignore history is tantamount to keep on repeating the same mistakes. Nevertheless, there are always new excuses to justify unwarranted actions. Is this the civilisation we seek for future generations?

I appreciate the psychological trauma and problems that face those in difficult situations but will atrocities, under whatever guise, justify the easy way out? It is a pity that politicians, in their busy and complex lives, do not seem to find enough time to examine problems from all angles. Is human life to be brought down to the lowest level just like squashing a cockroach or killing a rat?

Once any group starts to slide down into the lower instincts, it shall lose all sense of humanity. Whatever the problem, there is always a just solution.  As had happened with the Nazis when ideology overtook morals – first it was the Jews, then the Catholics, followed by the aged, the infirm, the mentally retarded, and so it went on down a spiralling chute into an abyss of oblivion. Journalists have a huge responsibility to present a balanced picture without any trace of bias.

Wake up Malta, wake up political parties, stop and examine the repercussions. Do we want to live in an amoral society? It might be easy to meet all vociferous demands but do we want to go down in history as irresponsible and inhumane persons so long as you appear to be ‘modern’?

It is absolutely impossible to satisfy every whim. Politicians have been selected to govern wisely not to concede to requests against reasons and logic.


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