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Malta’s low unemployment rate can make finding the right employees extra challenging. But, as these recruitment experts tell The Business Observer, it all comes down to matching industry requirements with the most dynamic and best-qualified talent out there.

Red Executive founder and managing director Martin Collins explains the specific recruitment needs of the IT and commercial sectors.

“Red Executive was formed in April 2009. We started with two people in an office/garage, and have grown to 20 employees with offices located in Sliema and in Glasgow, Scotland. Both offices serve our established client base across the planet.

“Recruitment in Malta, as with all major hubs, has become a candidate driven market. The low unemployment rate has only increased the value of those with sought-after skills, like programmers and engineers, and, in turn, salaries have increased.

“When our clients work with us, it is a partnership. We work closely with them to understand the reason and need behind their business critical hires. We build a solution around their unique requirements by offering executive searches, in-house solutions, contracting and contingency options.

“Our clients often look for candidates with both commercial- and IT-focused talent, however we are facing difficulties when it comes to finding the right technically-driven talent.

“This is not unique to Malta, though, but is a worldwide issue. To overcome it, we believe in working with our clients to help them build a positive employer brand, resulting in attracting and hiring the right talent.”

Manpower Malta connects over 600,000 people to work every day, at over 400,000 global companies. Managing director Alexia Balzan Demajo explains how this is achieved.

“Manpower Malta forms part of the Manpower Group – the world’s workforce expert, with nearly 3,500 offices in more than 80 countries worldwide.

“The group offers the full spectrum of workforce solutions needed to address the complex recruitment challenges that exist today.

“Recruitment in Malta is very healthy, with organisations always looking for new talent. It’s fantastic that we have such a low unemployment rate as it clearly indicates that the economy is booming, which in turn creates a scramble by employers to find the resources, and that is where we come in.

“Manpower offers innovative workforce solutions by providing companies of all sizes with a continuum of staffing solutions to enhance business agility and competitiveness. With our thorough understanding of staffing trends and our deep pool of highly qualified candidates, Manpower can deliver the talent, matching the right individual to the right job faster and with better business results.

“We design customised solutions and deliver the talent needed to win. Loyalty is one of the most desirable attributes in employees and potential employees. Employers have consistently reported difficulty hiring right-skilled talent, and this trend shows no sign of abating.”

Training organisation Future Focus provides courses at various levels, in different disciplines ranging from management to childcare. As managing director Rosanne Galea explains, the right qualifications can really help employees perform better at work.

“Work experience is no longer enough. Today, individuals need qualifications to help them move into different areas of work, or to advance in careers that require them to perform better.

“Our courses are mainly held on a part-time basis, enabling our students to combine work with learning. Our centre is located in Floriana, which means it’s convenient and central, and students come from all over Malta and Gozo to attend lessons.

“Our qualifications are accredited and recognised both locally and internationally, and students can begin with a basic qualification and proceed from one level to the next. Programmes offered go up to Level 7 on the Malta Qualifications Framework.

“If you are interested in starting training, then I recommend you start with a meeting with one of our guidance officers – they are trained to give excellent advice and help students apply for the right courses.”

Opportunities might not always arise at the right moment but, once they do, you shouldn’t hesitate in taking them

As the association of HR practitioners in Malta, the FHRD provides bespoke accredited courses to those in the industry, in collaboration with the University of Leicester. CEO Marvin Cuschieri explains the needs of today’s HR market.

“The top jobs of a few years ago do not exist today, and the ones of today exist in a couple of years’ time. This testament to the fast pace that the workforce faces today and which necessitates continuous lifelong learning.

“My advice to those seeking training would be to take their time but not to postpone indefinitely. Opportunities might not always arise at the right moment but, once they do, you shouldn’t hesitate in taking them. Quality is also of paramount importance, especially if you’re going to invest a considerable amount of time and money. Today, with the assistance of ICT, the choice of training programmes is almost limitless, however the quality is not. Hence, you should always carefully consider the background and specialisation of the entity offering the training.”

Ceek takes a different approach to recruitment by delivering a highly personal service to their clients and candidates. Company CEO Rachel Pool, who founded the company with Joe Dimech and Beverly Cutajar in 2014, details how the company is guided by its core values of passion, growth, collaboration, quality, integrity and fun.

“We work very specifically to find the right candidate-company fit first time round. In fact, our six specialised recruiters take all the time needed to holistically understand our clients’ specific prerequisites.

“Once we have that understanding, we search through our pool of quality, local and international candidates, and focus on finding the right match. Of course, we’re primarily-focused on skill-set – but we go beyond that. Placing candidates means that we have been entrusted in supporting them with a very personal decision that will affect their future contentment and job-satisfaction levels. We all know money talks; however, personal aspirations, a company’s values and the corporate culture speak even louder – in terms of long-term placement success. Our mantra is to be enthusiastic in our approach, so that we can develop a reliable and open relationship with clients and candidates alike to deliver to their needs. We are focused on the details and always look for ways of how to raise the bar – all while having fun.

“My message for those who want to leave their mark during an interview is to show drive and passion by highlighting and validating your achievements, demonstrating how you can hit the ground running, and asking the right questions to ensure that your aspirations and values are in line with the organisation’s.”

Outsourcing recruitment company Keepmeposted provides a simplified and cost-effective method for sourcing candidates. As managing director Jean Schaak says the company strives to be the link between companies looking to recruit, and candidates searching for new job opportunities.

“In general, we see Malta’s low unemployment rate as a positive thing. With the current growth of companies and new businesses being set up, there is always a large pool of people moving from one company to another. There are sectors that are a little more challenging than others when it comes to sourcing the right candidates, though, as demand for specialised skills is outweighed by market supply, but we are working hard to mitigate this by using different channels and methods to attract a higher skill set. This allows us to continuously target higher-level positions and sectors that we cater for.

“The core service we offer is sourcing potential candidates for our clients in an efficient, cost-effective and simplified manner.

“Having said that what makes people stand out are the finer details – their ability to offer a different edge to the potential employer, while keeping an honest approach.”

As a rebrand of Elite Career Consultants, managing director Francina Moisa explains that Nicholls Moisa now specialises in both finance appointments and legal and business support appointments, as well as executive searches within and outside the financial services sector.

“Malta has attracted a high number of international financial and corporate services companies that require specialist staff, and candidates are thus in the unique position of choosing from more than two potential employers at any given time.

“Within the financial services industry in the months to come, candidate profiling will be primarily focused on technical skills, due to the highly regulated business environment. Employers aren’t just looking for academically astute individuals with qualification from London, Switzerland or Dublin, but individuals who have worked in highly-commercial environments and have added at least one-extra commercial value to bring to their employer in addition to their experience.

“We have a high number of academically- and professionally-skilled individuals locally, but a high proportion lack the international and commercial exposure that many foreign employers require. It is getting a lot better, though, as local talent is engaging with foreign companies.”

Established in 2007, Konnekt specialises in recruitment for the IT, iGaming, finance and legal industry recruitments. As head of operations Hazel Refalo details, the company has an excellent track record for growth and delivering exceptional care to employers and candidates, locally and overseas.

“In recent years we noted a gradual shift in the state of Malta’s human resources and, in sectors such as financial services, legal, IT, healthcare and engineering, demand exceeds supply of skills. By contrast, other sectors’ supply by far exceeds demand. We are also experiencing increased attraction as a country, and many international candidates are looking at Malta as a relocation option. The latter helps to address the lack of technical skill or qualification that exists locally in the industries mentioned above.

“We offer a 360-degree service that connects companies to the best talent out there. Apart from traditional talent search methods, we support our searches with supplementary services, such as targeted advertising campaigns, psychometric assessments, temporary recruitment and secondments. We also provide onsite support for mass recruitment drives. We are also affiliated with other tools such as, and”


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