AD: We won’t stamp our feet

The leaders of the PN and the PL, with their stand on spring hunting and Armier squatters, were motivating people to vote Alternattiva Demokratika, AD chairperson Michael Brigulio said yesterday.

Speaking during a press conference in Sliema, Dr Brigulio referred to the leaders’ answers on the two issues during The Times’ debate which, he said, high-lighted the importance of having AD in Parliament.

He also stressed that AD was the only party that had taken a stand in favour of divorce and now Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi conceded that the people had been right in voting in favour, he said.

“Let’s make history,” rallied Dr Brigulio. He reminded voters that with just 2,000 votes in one district, a third party would be elected to Parliament, ending 51 years of a bi-party system. He expressed his satisfaction that both the bigger parties had matured and had stated they would be willing to form a coalition with AD should the need arise.

He reassured his listeners that an AD coalition would not mean instability. “We are not a party like Italy’s Beppe Grillo; we are not Franco Debono,” he stressed.

“We are aware that due to our size we cannot impose on the bigger party – we have a sense of proportion.” Instead, AD would take part in all select committees and propose policies. It would make use of its power of persuasion – without any stamping of the feet.

Asked with which party AD would feel most comfortable forming a coalition, he said it would be with the party they felt closest to following negotiations.

Asked if they were after a Cabinet post in case of a coalition government, Dr Brigulio said: “We are not making preconditions.”

He said there was a lot of scaremongering going on in the final week of campaigning. “The Maltese law is very clear – we will not bring about a constitutional crisis,” he said, adding that judging by the “very positive” feedback AD was getting, the scaremongering seemed to be backfiring.

He made an appeal to voters who still had not picked up their voting document or were planning not to vote as a form of protest.

“Voting AD is the most constructive and positive way to use your vote,” he said, adding that voters could also cross-party vote, moving on to their preferred candidates from other political parties.


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