PN ‘automatic choice’ for new voters

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi speaking in Birżebbuġa last night. Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi speaking in Birżebbuġa last night. Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi yesterday made an impassioned plea to the 25,000 new voters in the coming election, saying their automatic choice should be the PN.

How can we allow Muscat to make another mistake with our future?

Addressing a party activity in Birżebbuġa, Dr Gonzi said young voters benefited the most from the policies of Nationalist administrations, which assured their future through EU membership and the opportunities this had created.

“You have to choose between the party that has opened up a whole range of opportunities for you, and which has a track record of creating 20,000 new jobs, and a party that is only making hollow promises and has no experience in governing. It’s quite clear that your choice should be the PN,” he said.

He accused Labour leader Joseph Muscat of committing a series of mistakes even from the opposition benches, including over EU membership and eurozone entry. His latest, greatest mistake was of hiding a drug case, Dr Gonzi said.

“How can we allow this person to make another mistake with our future?” he asked, adding that making a mistake at election time can only be corrected after a long time.

The European Commission had commended the direction taken by the Government, which built a sound economy despite trouble in Europe. The EU had given voters the best reason not to change direction.

Addressing the power plant issue, Dr Gonzi said voters of the fifth district should send a strong message that they are against the placing of a dangerous gas storage terminal on their doorstep.

“We made a big effort to get rid of the gas bottling plant in Birżebbuġa,” Dr Gonzi said. “Now Labour wants to install gas storage tanks here. Just don’t let them.”


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