Malta Eurovision 2013 - Live Blog

Good evening, il-lejl it-tajjeb, Bonswa hii,  a very warm welcome to The Times of Malta live blog bringing you the very best of the cheesy, kitsch-fest we all love to hate, the Maltasong for Europe 2013.

My name is Waylon Johnston and together with Toni Attard we will be accompanying you to find out who will be representing us in the land of reindeer, the home of ABBA and the best looking people in the world: Sweden.

Tonight 16 singers will be fighting it out for a coveted place in PBS history and for a Xarabank show all about them and their corny stories.

I have to say Toni you are looking absolutely fabulous this evening is it a Carina Camilleri or a Pete Carbonara you are wearing this evening?

Live coverage: Malta Eurovision 2013

The event has now ended, here is a transcript of the live coverage.
  1. 20:45 pmToni Attard

    testing testing. this is Valletta calling!

  2. 20:45 pmToni Attard

    sorry about the delay my stiletto got caught up in the hem of my sequin dress.

  3. 20:45 pmToni Attard

    and we're on!

  4. 20:46 pmWaylon Johnston

    Finally Toni what took you so long!

  5. 20:46 pmWaylon Johnston

    Ooooooooo The AFM

  6. 20:47 pmToni Attard

    men in uninform and their outreach programme.

  7. 20:48 pmWaylon Johnston

    Oh dear Oh dear a sixth form soiree

  8. 20:49 pmToni Attard

    I'm expecting Joseph or Lawrence to make an appearance soon. ivvutawli

  9. 20:49 pmWaylon Johnston

    Never knew dock yard workers were so talented

  10. 20:51 pmToni Attard

    they look so happy. bless.

  11. 20:51 pmToni Attard

    and the choreography is so contemporary.

  12. 20:52 pmToni Attard

    even bananas can dance nowadays.

  13. 20:53 pmWaylon Johnston

    Dancing bumble bees rather

  14. 20:54 pmWaylon Johnston

    People paid good money for this?

  15. 20:54 pmWaylon Johnston

    Holy Mackarel it gets even better LOL

  16. 20:56 pmWaylon Johnston

    Lip syncing is so in now especially after Beyonce at Obama's inauguration

  17. 20:56 pmToni Attard

    This year all Holy Communions will start with this act.

  18. 20:56 pmWaylon Johnston

    How sweet give the ALL an iPad

  19. 20:57 pmToni Attard

    Lady in red meets ic-cerna

  20. 20:58 pmToni Attard

    ifqghu is-sala!

  21. 20:58 pmToni Attard

    This is just like being ‘taht it-tinda tal-PN’ or ‘gol-globu tal-PL’. It’s just as bitchy and in bad taste but with a better deal - we only get to choose someone to rule the stage for 3 minutes and one tablet is enough to ease the pain.

  22. 20:59 pmWaylon Johnston

    I think my pet rabbits Bigsy and Bo could do a better job of presenting

  23. 20:59 pmToni Attard

    is that a mole on her face? or a mic?

  24. 21:00 pmToni Attard

    Walid is a happy man!

  25. 21:00 pmWaylon Johnston

    Is that Peter Andre in the back?

  26. 21:02 pmWaylon Johnston

    Elaine really needs her ex out there to help present

  27. 21:02 pmToni Attard

    ok can we do this? 16 songs....

  28. 21:03 pmToni Attard

    why is half the cabinet there?

  29. 21:04 pmWaylon Johnston

    Toni...we are in for long long night. Ive got plenty of wine and friends to last, how about you?

  30. 21:05 pmWaylon Johnston

    Why do we always attract B-list celeb's?

  31. 21:05 pmToni Attard

    I'm at a euroktisch party... we have breakfast prepared.

  32. 21:06 pmWaylon Johnston

    A B-list celeb at a eurovision contest LOL

  33. 21:06 pmToni Attard

    the bestestest

  34. 21:06 pmWaylon Johnston

    Is this a mass meeting? why is he shouting?

  35. 21:07 pmToni Attard

    are we going to see all these annoying ads all night?

  36. 21:07 pmToni Attard

    First song....

  37. 21:08 pmWaylon Johnston

    Yes everytime I hear a ding I need the toilet God help me

  38. 21:08 pmWaylon Johnston

    First up is Scar headed by Konrad Pule’, a rock ballad which is actually a nice song but rather forgettable. Let’s just say no hair is better than grey hair (yes Gianni I’m referring to you).

  39. 21:08 pmToni Attard

    Superstar...Scar... u taqbel ukoll.

  40. 21:11 pmToni Attard

    4 guitars on stage and the sound of 1?

  41. 21:11 pmWaylon Johnston

    Yeah Yeah NEXT

  42. 21:12 pmWaylon Johnston


  43. 21:13 pmToni Attard

    Starting from the End ... Dorothy Bezzina... let's start with that dress.

  44. 21:13 pmWaylon Johnston

    Its true looks like nana's bath robe

  45. 21:14 pmWaylon Johnston

    To give her credit she has quite literally transformed herself and become a confident performer compared to last year’s entry. Nice song but that’s about it.

  46. 21:14 pmToni Attard

    And we’re musically back to the 90s. With such a great voice and talent I can’t wait to see her back on the real stage.

  47. 21:16 pmWaylon Johnston

    I agree Toni. That dress is really quite unfortunate

  48. 21:18 pmWaylon Johnston

    Corazon looks like a bridesmaid meets dominatrix

  49. 21:18 pmToni Attard

    here comes Corazon... leather meets toga

  50. 21:18 pmToni Attard

    hahaha good one!

  51. 21:18 pmWaylon Johnston

    Corazon Mizzi with My Stranger Love brings us something very very sad. Im eating twistees and downing red wine as memories of my deceased child hood dog frolic through my mind……….sorry, good grief getting a little too personal there.

  52. 21:19 pmWaylon Johnston

    Why is she smiling with such a sad song?

  53. 21:19 pmToni Attard

    My stranger love because the dress is not strange enough.

  54. 21:21 pmWaylon Johnston

    WOW thats some talent she stopped playing the piano and it continues by itself

  55. 21:22 pmToni Attard

    Jessica with a K and the clash of the orange and the purple

  56. 21:23 pmWaylon Johnston

    The difference between the presenters is stark. Refined on one side and the other should stick to acting

  57. 21:23 pmWaylon Johnston

    She looks like a pixie with hangover

  58. 21:24 pmWaylon Johnston

    Nothing too provocative this time round, remember her going down down down? The beat sounds VERY familiar like an Alicia Keys number but I can’t put my finger on it! Can anyone help?

  59. 21:25 pmToni Attard

    If she wins, the song should get an 80s retro look including a man with a mustache playing the piano. Europe would love it. Nordics would love the mustache. So would 30% of the ultraviolet vote.

  60. 21:27 pmToni Attard

    oh dear another poem...

  61. 21:27 pmWaylon Johnston

    Elaine or lame?

  62. 21:28 pmWaylon Johnston

    Adverts for half an hour.

  63. 21:29 pmToni Attard

    best part of the evening ... a few seconds of Charpentier... that's the music used for the jurofixxin.

  64. 21:33 pmWaylon Johnston

    And we are back

  65. 21:34 pmToni Attard

    I tried to escape but my friends chained me to the sofa

  66. 21:34 pmWaylon Johnston

    My God he is truly insufferable

  67. 21:34 pmToni Attard

    Don Juan is on stage.

  68. 21:35 pmWaylon Johnston

    The Curious Case of Gianni Zammit, He seems to get younger each time I see him. If it was not for the grey locks of mid-life crisis I would swear he was 15. Its probably the dress sense.

  69. 21:35 pmToni Attard

    aka Gianni

  70. 21:36 pmToni Attard

    this whole Kiss talk sounds so redundant.

  71. 21:36 pmWaylon Johnston

    Where is Keith Demicoli to present?

  72. 21:37 pmToni Attard

    Gianni has some serious issues with the world. But the drummer is in a happy place. I want to be there.

  73. 21:38 pmWaylon Johnston

    There is too much going on behind the singers! Lights, effects,

  74. 21:39 pmWaylon Johnston

    What the hell is he doing with the guitar?

  75. 21:39 pmToni Attard

    not sure what that smoke is back there but it's working.

  76. 21:39 pmWaylon Johnston

    So far its a flop, a big flip flop

  77. 21:40 pmWaylon Johnston

    Is Shirley Bassey in the wings? Or perhaps Daniel Craig? This sounds like a James Bond classic. What beautiful eyes she has, I feel the song needs a much more powerful set of lungs behind it.

  78. 21:41 pmToni Attard

    Next in line... Davinia Pace tkanta Betrayed

  79. 21:42 pmWaylon Johnston

    A foiled microphone!!!

  80. 21:42 pmToni Attard

    Ahhh this song fell from the sky and hopefully she had a parachute when it landed.

  81. 21:42 pmWaylon Johnston

    OMG its foiled

  82. 21:43 pmWaylon Johnston

    Its sounds awful

  83. 21:44 pmWaylon Johnston

    I feel sorry for people watching this in HD

  84. 21:45 pmWaylon Johnston

    I bet he misses Malta

  85. 21:45 pmToni Attard

    and here's the man...

  86. 21:46 pmWaylon Johnston

    Kneading You...... interesting

  87. 21:46 pmWaylon Johnston

    The song sounds like a track for a chick flick starring Hugh Grant. Did Renzo Piano help design those eyebrows?

  88. 21:46 pmToni Attard

    Kevin Borg... my money is on this dude. I can hear the Maltese tour operators franticly asking, “How do you get to Malmo?” Simple: Kevin knows the way.

  89. 21:48 pmToni Attard

    Waylon can you please call me when it's over? I'm going to have a quick nap.

  90. 21:48 pmWaylon Johnston

    Its a bit so so but lacking something

  91. 21:48 pmWaylon Johnston

    LOL sure ok

  92. 21:49 pmToni Attard

    it's lacking some highlights and a key change.

  93. 21:50 pmWaylon Johnston

    Its a hit it seems

  94. 21:50 pmToni Attard

    Gulliver travels to Malta.

  95. 21:51 pmToni Attard

    Fall Like Rome – Richard Edwards

  96. 21:51 pmToni Attard

    Hail Caesar! Where are the Gladiators? 10 seconds later… Oh no… the kings of leon must have ransacked Rome and moved to Nashville.

  97. 21:51 pmWaylon Johnston

    Vangelis meets Nashville makes for an interesting sound, He has a nice voice which matches the feel of the song very nicely but not sure this is a winner.

  98. 21:52 pmToni Attard

    is that Tetris screened behind him?

  99. 21:53 pmToni Attard

    let's swap ‘I rise and fall’ with ‘nigi naqa u nqum’

  100. 21:54 pmWaylon Johnston

    The flames are such a lovely touch

  101. 21:54 pmWaylon Johnston

    You really have it give it to the graphics team

  102. 21:54 pmToni Attard

    Where is Nero when you need him?

  103. 21:55 pmToni Attard

    Thank you sponsors for giving us such a cheesy time.

  104. 21:55 pmWaylon Johnston

    The presenter needs to stop moving around! How insipid

  105. 21:57 pmToni Attard

    Is Peter Andre finding his mysterious girl or has he left the tent?

  106. 21:59 pmWaylon Johnston

    I think Peter found himself a Maltese Jordan and is in Paceville by now

  107. 22:01 pmWaylon Johnston

    The next song is Janice Debattista with Perfect Day...if the presenters get a move on

  108. 22:02 pmToni Attard

    We're back

  109. 22:02 pmWaylon Johnston

    Janice is sweet I think I like her

  110. 22:03 pmToni Attard

    sejlor muuun!

  111. 22:03 pmToni Attard

    Jessica sive janice?!

  112. 22:04 pmWaylon Johnston

    Good song and sounds like something from the West End, Lovely and sweet.

  113. 22:04 pmToni Attard

    A perfect day in Malmo this May will consist of red herring and some cheesy pop. She may have the red hair but there is definitely not enough cheesiness to fit the euro kitsch bill.

  114. 22:05 pmToni Attard

    I like this song.

  115. 22:06 pmWaylon Johnston

    At least the song falls within the better half of tonight's soiree

  116. 22:06 pmToni Attard

    excuse me?? better HALF?

  117. 22:07 pmWaylon Johnston

    Sorry......I have had to lower my standards

  118. 22:07 pmToni Attard

    and here comes Deborah C.... more like Deborah DD

  119. 22:08 pmWaylon Johnston

    Quality Street chocoloates sewn to the dress?

  120. 22:08 pmWaylon Johnston

    That’s more like the Eurovision we all know. Catchy, cheesy, 80s sounding pop.

  121. 22:09 pmToni Attard

    Here comes ... Love o holic – Deborah C

  122. 22:09 pmToni Attard

    can we have subtitles please?

  123. 22:09 pmToni Attard

    This song could be the title track of a porn movie… “want to touch my cashmere and lay your love all over me…”

  124. 22:10 pmToni Attard

    is that sign language back there?

  125. 22:10 pmWaylon Johnston

    I think so

  126. 22:11 pmToni Attard

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Best line so far … I want to feel your love injection… (I might use this line later on tonight)

  127. 22:12 pmWaylon Johnston

    Claudia Faniello singing When its time...up now

  128. 22:12 pmToni Attard

    Ladies and gentlemen please fasten your seat belt. Claudia Faniello is in the cockpit.

  129. 22:13 pmWaylon Johnston

    She is always the sexiest contestant

  130. 22:13 pmToni Attard

    free flight to rome... didn't it just fall?

  131. 22:14 pmWaylon Johnston

    The song leaves me unmoved and as a fan of Claudia I was expecting far much more. She has a great versatile voice but sadly this year I feel she missed out.

  132. 22:16 pmToni Attard

    why are all the musicians in one line?

  133. 22:17 pmToni Attard

    we lost one of the party guests. He's actually snoring.

  134. 22:17 pmWaylon Johnston

    Next up is Gianluca Bezzina with Tomorrow

  135. 22:18 pmToni Attard

    Dorty's brother... no it's not toto but the doc

  136. 22:18 pmWaylon Johnston

    This sounds so much like Soul Sister by Train at the beginning that it really put me off. Please Please Please keep away from songs which sound familiar to number one hits, if any of the contestants are reading!

  137. 22:20 pmWaylon Johnston

    It sounds like an advert for cream cheese LOL

  138. 22:20 pmWaylon Johnston

    Happy Days eat my cream cheese oh ohoh ohooh

  139. 22:22 pmToni Attard

    No matter how good looking a musician can be playing the ukelele always make someone look like a little giant.

  140. 22:23 pmToni Attard

    Chris Grech is next... prepare the dry mop...

  141. 22:24 pmWaylon Johnston

    LOL just have

  142. 22:25 pmWaylon Johnston

    John Suda selling yoghurt....hilarious. Maltese adverts are the best

  143. 22:27 pmToni Attard

    kollox jigbed dak il-hoover.

  144. 22:28 pmWaylon Johnston

    Toni...... behave yourself

  145. 22:29 pmToni Attard

    remember the good old days when presenters changed their outfits? This recession has ruined the entertainment business.

  146. 22:29 pmWaylon Johnston

    Never Walk Away by Chris Grech

  147. 22:30 pmToni Attard

    and now .... Never walk away by Chris Grech

  148. 22:30 pmWaylon Johnston

    OMG this guy is the splitting image of Mick Hucknall from Simply Red.

  149. 22:31 pmToni Attard

    miskin he looks a bit constipated

  150. 22:31 pmWaylon Johnston

    This is not Eurovision material

  151. 22:32 pmToni Attard

    and another happy drummer ...

  152. 22:33 pmToni Attard

    The Eurovision may walk away from him but I hope that the real music industry won’t!

  153. 22:34 pmWaylon Johnston

    Next up is Wonderful Today from Petra and Richard Edwards

  154. 22:34 pmToni Attard

    Richard Edwards ran out of clothes and borrowed Kevin Borg's outfit.

  155. 22:35 pmWaylon Johnston

    She looks like the Egyptian Goddess Tuta-Kemmuna and the song is rather flat.

  156. 22:37 pmToni Attard

    she must be into S/M... whip me baby one more time.

  157. 22:38 pmWaylon Johnston


  158. 22:39 pmToni Attard

    give us some loovvvvvvveee! (they hugged on stage cause they're lovers)

  159. 22:39 pmWaylon Johnston

    Amber with In Control

  160. 22:39 pmToni Attard

    her dress is not in control... walking disco ball

  161. 22:40 pmWaylon Johnston

    What is she wearing? Built and made by KINGLONG

  162. 22:40 pmToni Attard

    walking disco ball with mazinga shoulder pads

  163. 22:41 pmWaylon Johnston

    This reminds me so much of You Can Leave Your Hat on by Joe Cocker. Good sound though.

  164. 22:41 pmWaylon Johnston

    This year is a real let down

  165. 22:43 pmToni Attard

    I'm still into the look ... forget about the sound. Walking disco ball with mazinga shoulder pads and a B'Kara market ircipett.

  166. 22:44 pmWaylon Johnston

    LOL true true

  167. 22:44 pmWaylon Johnston

    The LAST one yipppppeeee

  168. 22:45 pmToni Attard

    next in line.....Domenique ... too little too late

  169. 22:45 pmWaylon Johnston

    Too Little Too Late by Domenique Azzopardi

  170. 22:45 pmWaylon Johnston

    The song does nothing for me, she looks too vulnerable and too young.

  171. 22:45 pmToni Attard

    is it too little too late to change this song?

  172. 22:46 pmToni Attard

    even Bonnie the dog is cringing.

  173. 22:46 pmWaylon Johnston

    It sounds like the theme tune to an 80s sitcom starring the Golden Girls

  174. 22:47 pmToni Attard

    and they also have a screensaver with flying leaves on screen.

  175. 22:48 pmWaylon Johnston

    Now for the most interesting part of the night!!!!!

  176. 22:48 pmToni Attard

    I cannot believe this....we survived this!

  177. 22:52 pmToni Attard

    it is time for televoting and we now have to watch the highlights of ALL the songs... just enough time to throw something at the TV, empty the drinks cabinet or search for a love injection.

  178. 22:52 pmWaylon Johnston

    Do you have a favorite? message us or tweet to @waycourt

  179. 22:54 pmToni Attard

    i'm really excited....

  180. 22:54 pmToni Attard

    Noko's pizza is just out of the oven

  181. 22:56 pmWaylon Johnston

    Pizza is gone here....... scavenging for crumbs now

  182. 22:57 pmToni Attard

    I'm still waiting for Jessica (with a K)'s jacket to surprise us like a Janet Jackson.

  183. 22:58 pmWaylon Johnston

    If he says Dottore again I will personally walk there on hot coals and........

  184. 23:03 pmWaylon Johnston

    The round up confirms that it really is not the best year for Maltasong

  185. 23:04 pmToni Attard

    I'd rather watch reruns of rants by Joseph and Lawrence taht it-tinda.

  186. 23:05 pmWaylon Johnston

    The voting has stopped! We will soon know who it is and sleep soundly safe in the knowledge that we are taking part with no chance of winning for yet another year

  187. 23:07 pmToni Attard

    I suddenly miss Eileen Montesin... where is she when you need her?

  188. 23:08 pmWaylon Johnston

    I know...trying to pull that jeans zip up past her navel

  189. 23:11 pmToni Attard

    so let's give our own awards... cause I'm bored

  190. 23:11 pmToni Attard

    best outfit?

  191. 23:14 pmToni Attard


  192. 23:15 pmToni Attard

    best off tune: Dominque

  193. 23:15 pmWaylon Johnston

    Wouldnt it be funny if they come back and say sorry but the songs were so bad that no one is going

  194. 23:16 pmToni Attard

    best manga impersonation: Eeember

  195. 23:17 pmToni Attard

    most straight looking: Kevin Borg

  196. 23:18 pmToni Attard

    best sleeping tablet: Dominique

  197. 23:18 pmToni Attard

    happiest drummer: Us against the world

  198. 23:19 pmToni Attard

    most likely to catch the Gozo ferry home: Deborah C

  199. 23:21 pmToni Attard

    I think we found our song. Is this competing?

  200. 23:22 pmWaylon Johnston

    Why was this not in the competition?

  201. 23:22 pmToni Attard

    what's their televoting nr?

  202. 23:24 pmWaylon Johnston

    Probabaly the best song and has almost 106,000 views on youtube!!

  203. 23:26 pmWaylon Johnston

    This swiss cheese is no better

  204. 23:27 pmToni Attard

    best inflight entertainment: Swiss entry

  205. 23:30 pmWaylon Johnston

    Eurovision website has announced that Amber won?!?

  206. 23:32 pmToni Attard

    I think Peter Andre called them.

  207. 23:33 pmWaylon Johnston

    I have no idea

  208. 23:35 pmToni Attard

    The audience is looking soooooo bored.

  209. 23:36 pmWaylon Johnston

    It seems to have been retracted but it would be interesting if she did actually win

  210. 23:40 pmToni Attard

    If Amber wins PL will be be promising free carnival costumes and PN will offer free shoulder pads. Alternattiva will offer photovoltaic cells on all jackets.

  211. 23:43 pmToni Attard : 'We apologise for prematurely announcing the result of the Maltese final. We are experiencing some technical issues at the moment.' Smells fishy.

  212. 23:46 pmToni Attard

    and now they say this: 'We don't know the results. But will report them as soon as we get them. It was a technical error that a template article was published by mistake. We are working on it. Once again, our apologies!' This has been the most exciting part of the night.

  213. 23:47 pmWaylon Johnston

    Here we go

  214. 23:47 pmToni Attard

    and the results are in.

  215. 23:51 pmToni Attard

    Kevin Borg and Gianluca Bezzina fighting it out at the top

  216. 23:51 pmToni Attard

    The doctor leads the way.

  217. 23:52 pmWaylon Johnston

    My money is on Kevin for sure

  218. 23:52 pmToni Attard

    Tomorrow... Tomorrow I love you tomorrow still at the top.

  219. 23:54 pmWaylon Johnston

    OK Walid we know we are good

  220. 23:55 pmToni Attard

    Audience boos Walid for giving Kevin 8 points

  221. 23:56 pmToni Attard

    and 12 points go to Tomorrow!

  222. 23:57 pmToni Attard

    Final vote....

  223. 23:58 pmToni Attard

    it's tense... dum dum dum

  224. 23:58 pmToni Attard

    And the winner is TOMORROW

  225. 23:59 pmToni Attard

    viva l-ukelele!

  226. 23:59 pmWaylon Johnston

    Congratulations Dottore

  227. 00:00 amToni Attard

    he can murder someone with that trophy.

  228. 00:00 amWaylon Johnston

    Thank You everyone for following the blog its been a pleasure to spend my evening with you

  229. 00:03 amToni Attard

    Ghax Gianluca taghna lkoll but I'm not sure that most of this music will give the music industry a futur fis-sod. Now let's all find out where Malmo is and learn how to pronounce it. Good night Waylon, good night all ... let's party!

  230. 00:03 amWaylon Johnston

    Good night to you too Toni until next time



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