The stuff of dreams

Let’s clear something which possibly needs clarifying: government is there to govern and the opposition to oppose. At the moment the former seems to have forgotten how to govern while the latter is more intent on staying mum for fear of uttering demented words with regard to future governance plans.

Other entities are there to comment, suggest and often be conveniently and abundantly disregarded. So our role as commentators and bloggers together with the greens, the constituted bodies and the various pressure groups is just to jabber and jibe, feeling bitter at our useless bile.

So what’s the point of all this? I propose something drastic. No, not heaven on earth if I were to be elected king of these isles. I propose something even more dramatic—that the parties in government and opposition sit together and work out some stuff together.  I know this sounds daft and barmy—to be blamed on my trips to manic land or acidic dreams. Listen to my plan and see what you all think before you move on to less convoluted blogs. Barminess, after all, is what makes most sense some of the time.

I’m not sure everyone knows this but if you have heard of it—or know more than me, a silly hack—please forgive me for stating the obvious. Ever since we, as a country, embarked on casting Malta as a financial services centre, we have had near perfect consensus by the political parties on the way forward and on all legislation connected to the subject. As far as I know, going back to the 90s or before, the two mega parties have agreed on most issues to keep alive the concept which makes Malta an attractive and dependable centre of finance. This has been a great success and an important pillar of our economy and job creation.

There were slight disagreements but on the whole it worked impeccably. Is this a fairy tale? Definitely not.

So what is keeping our two parties (and the rest of the loose cannons and mavericks) from extending this consensus to other spheres in our life? What keeps the parties from agreement on other important issues like health, law and order, justice, pensions and tourism?

Can you imagine how easy it would be to solve the MEPA problems, especially those which need enforcement, and maybe a heavy hand, like the dumping debacle which had happened regarding a major developer. If both parties agree on the way forward with regard to law and order and enforcement the thugs’ time is over. We can then plan long-term—and stick to those plans with no worries or fears of maverick MPs going astray or of making empty promises at election time. At least about the important topics.

Madness? Silly dreams of a deluded blogger? Will the parties, by this action, renounce all reasons for existing? Not at all: they can go on squabbling till kingdom come about who will name which street what, cut which ribbon—and which colour of ribbon to use—when and which national day to choose as the proper one to unite us all.

The real issues could then be discussed and agreed upon by the real experts and the way forward is assured of certain success. Whether Lawrence, Joseph, Franco or Michael is prime minister will be as important as which nut to place on top of a fruit cake. For the really adventurous we could always put three cherries on the cake—a red, a blue and a yellow one.

But the end result, even if good just for dreams and dreamers, is that the fruit cake will be good, wholesome and sustainably done.

So go for it dear politicos. You can take your full raise, legislate, tear each other apart andkeep your pension package. But do put your house of representatives in order and get our own lives and houses as close to heaven as possible.

You’ve let us down enough times—now is your time to shine.


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