Quotes of the week

“We are the change that is good for you.”

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi tells supporters at the Independence Day mass meeting that the Nationalist Party always pursued change.

“While we look to the future, others are stuck in the past.”

Labour leader Joseph Muscat promising to fight back with hope and realistic policies during his party’s congress meeting.

“I have no regrets...”

Education Minister Dolores Cristina insisting the decision to axe a former policewoman from heading a home for destitute girls was intended to defend the vulnerable residents.

“She did not offer resistance, indicating she knew her aggressor...”

Forensic expert Mario Scerri testifying that lawyer Margaret Mifsud died after pressure was applied to her chest, stopping her breathing. Her former partner Nizar El Gadi is being charged with her murder.

“My mother summoned the help of all the saints.”

Pierre Axiaq, son of fisherman Mario who was lost at sea for two days, recounting how his family prayed and waited in hope that he would be found – their prayers were answered.

“Once, this driver behind me was going mad because I stopped to let a driver out of a side street.”

Gordon Hains, from Scotland, baffled at the lack of courtesy of Maltese drivers and disregard for the law, such as an ice cream van parked on a disabled bay.