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Bloggers of the world unite because bloggers rule; no, let’s go a bit further—bloggers dictate.

Yes, as from now, whoever meets me has to come up to me so that I—like all good politicians will smile my blessing and limply shake their hand. We bloggers run the country—hurrah for that. Now I hope that all us bloggers can go over to the Speaker’s chambers and ask for our own salary and raise and all sorts of other goodies. And leaders of the opposition who oppose raises—given by stealth or sleaze—can go and moan somewhere else. We as bloggers want our salary with all the frills possible.

Yes sir (and madam) according to Dr Franco Debono we—the bloggers—are now officially running the country. So we too want a piece of the action and dosh and pension and special parking places. At last a man who sounds and acts grandly has recognised us for our worth and for all our efficacy. We get things done and done well. I hope they have reserved a special hall for us in the new parliament—the bloggers’ corner.

OK so I don’t suppose Dr Debono was referring to me—he’s already referred to me as being extra-terrestial and from another time epoch so I doubt whether he really considers me a minister or an eminence grise.

But who cares—he who needs to be obeyed said bloggers rule. And as I am a blogger I want my salary and I want it now. And if it isn’t the speaker who issues these cheques and privilege cards I don’t mind getting it from someone who never spoke a word of sense or nonsense in his life.


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