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Priests form union

Some Irish priests are forming a new association whose aim is to represent the nation’s priests in their dealings with bishops. The bishops have no problem, so much so that their spokesperson said it is a good thing for priests to organise themselves to voice their opinions.

The Irish Catholic reported that the Association of Catholic Priests’ aims include “a restructuring of the governing system of the Church,”, “an equal place for women in all areas of Church life, including the governing systems and the various forms of ministry”, and “a re-evaluation of Catholic sexual teaching and practice that recognises the profound mystery of human sexuality and the experience and wisdom of God’s people”.

PM’s atheism irks archbishop

An Australian archbishop has expressed concern that the nation’s new prime minister, Julia Gillard, is an atheist. The prime minister assumed office on June 24.

Archbishop Barry Hickey of Perth admitted that there is no indication that the present prime minister will undermine the special privileges that churches enjoy. However, he continued saying that “many Christians are concerned that someone who does not believe in God may not endorse the Christian traditions of respect for human life, for the sanctity of marriage and the independence of Churches, Church schools and Church social welfare agencies”.

The Prime Minister responded by saying she is a big respecter and supporter of the work that the Catholic Church and the other Churches and religious groups do in Australia.

‘Remember the needs of the poor’

The bishops of Peru called upon the nation’s citizens to remember the needs of the poorest Peruvians.
“The situation of Peru’s poorest citizens should not leave the rest of the nation indifferent,” they wrote in a statement commemorating Independence Day. “This is a debt which must be paid and a debt which we see on the faces of thousands of brothers and sisters denied the dignity due to them as children of God.

“Therefore, the time has come to give priority to the promulgation of laws which will meet the real needs of our people, taking into account the nature of the human person, the human family and human society.”

Pope’s prayer intentions for August

Pope Benedict’s general prayer intention for August is: “That those who are without work or homes or who are otherwise in serious need may find understanding and welcome, as well as concrete help in overcoming their difficulties”.

His mission intention is: “That the Church may be a ‘home’ for all people, ready to open her doors to any who are suffering from racial or religious discrimination, hunger or wars forcing them to emigrate to other countries”.

Modesty back in fashion at the Vatican

Modesty in dress is back in fashion at the Vatican, and it is being enforced. Tourists visiting St Peter’s basilica, and people who live in Rome are being gently turned away by Swiss Guards even if they try to use the Vatican pharmacy or post office while they are immodestly attired. Men are asked not to wear shorts and women are being asked to cover their shoulders. Many tourists and Romans were caught by surprise.

(Compiled by Fr Joe Borg)


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