Short-sighted traffic measures in Sliema

The councillor in charge of roads/traffic on the Sliema council is obviously a fan of cross-country driving. In recent months we have seen a proliferation of so-called traffic calming humps - for example in Hughes Hallet Street there are two in a distance of about 150 metres - absolutely unnecessary as the first is just as one turns into it from Qui-si-Sana while the other is at the top end where the road narrows into single lane.

It might interest not just the Sliema council but all traffic-connected engineers what a traffic expert had to say in the Daily Telegraph of May 22: "It is obvious to any structural engineer (and to all but an idiot) that these obstructions cause damage to the substructure of the road as well as to the vehicles passing over them. One of the most crass stupidities of the previous government was to subvert funds from repairing roads to installing humps, cushions and other impediments."

The council or ADT also recently set up a sign at the bottom of Tigné Street corner with Tower Road forcing all vehicles to turn left into Bisazza Street then continue along the Ferries, do a u-turn in front of Marks & Spencer and proceed up Tower Road again. The congestion in these roads has to be seen to be believed whereas if vehicles are again allowed to go right into Tower Road it would relieve the congestion quite appreciably. In all the time vehicles were allowed to turn right not one single accident was reported.


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