The new speed limit at Tal-Barrani

It has now been over three weeks since the Tal-Barrani dual carriageway has become a 60 km speed zone from a 70 km one. A huge number of 60km and speed camera signs have popped up, and the camera posts are now in place.

Why, I ask, has this occurred? What was wrong with 70 km? Did someone dream it up? And if so, why? Do the ADT and authorities concerned enjoy playing Russian roulette with Maltese motorists, fining us if we go over the limit by a few kilometres per hour?

We already pay one of the most expensive road licences in the civilised world, and yet we still have roads that are comparable to those in third world countries. And yes, I do know that we have over 20 kilometres of rebuilt roads and a bridge funded by the EU, before people start fuming! But what about the rest of our roads? The road leading from San Luciano fort in Birzebbuga hasn't seen tarmac in over 40 years - patch work perhaps, but never tarmac. The road leading to Armier in the north is the same, along with countless other smaller roads full of potholes that would benefit from a new layer of proper tarmac.

But for environmental purposes I now have to pay double my previous road licence for the privilege of driving my car at the grand speed of about 36 mph in third gear using up more fossil fuels. If the ADT really want to make some money they should place cameras on traffic light junctions and catch those idiots who run the red lights.


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