Going to the dogs

I am writing to express my absolute amazement at the attitudes of some dog owners in this country. Not only do we see countless dogs on the few beaches we have "doing their business" with their owners watching them but seemingly turning a blind eye, but minutes later you can observe how a small child starts building a sand castle but unfortunately not with sand. Surely everyone can see the health implications here.

However, my story is from the other night when I was walking down to Bugibba near the Limelight Hotel. The streets here are covered in dog excrement, and you often see tourists picking their way through this unpleasant obstacle course on their way to their evening meals or to watch the football and many a comment is made, and may I add not pleasant ones.

I saw a lady with her rather sizeable dog, who was busy doing his thing, and she looked at me. As she saw my expression of disgust, she said "It's OK, he doesn't bite!" I don't care whether he bites or not, what I do care about is that these people have no regard for their fellow citizens, the visitors to their country and even worse, the state of their own country. Isn't dog fouling illegal? Where are the wardens to control the dog fouling? No, they are too busy handing out their quota of parking tickets which seems to have become a national sport in the last year.

What is the point of having all these new regulations if no one is enforcing them and making sure people don't get away with it? Maybe I'm being a bit funny, but I for one certainly don't enjoy walking around on filthy streets. Come on people, look after Malta and keep it clean.


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