EWTN frequency

AS from the first of this month, there has been a change of EWTN's satellite signal on Hot Bird in Europe with new technical specifications. The current satellite signal will be discontinued on Thursday.

To continue receiving EWTN, it is necessary to retune your satellite receiver to the new technical specifications before Thursday. No adjustment to the dish itself is required.

Contact an installer to have your receiver properly retuned so that you may continue receiving EWTN after Thursday. The installer will need the information below to install the new EWTN satellite signal:

EWTN European Service Satellite: Hot Bird 6
Orbital Location: 13° EL
Transponder: 154
Downlink Beam: Ku-band
Downlink Frequency: 11585 MHz
Downlink Polarisation: Vertical Symbol Rate: 27500
Allocated Bandwidth: 36 MHz
FEC: 3/4
Video Standard (EWTN): PAL

It has been found that to ensure the proper quality of EWTN service it was necessary to provide a new satellite signal on HotBird.

Should you have any questions, contact EWTN on tel: 001-847-298-9850 or [email protected] com.