262 candidates for local council elections

There are a total of 262 candidates for the upcoming local council elections: 125 for the Nationalist Party; 117 for the Labour Party, eight for Alternattiva Demokratika and 12 independent. The elections are being contested in 23 localities. This is the list of candidates:

Roger Bugeja, (Ghal Mdina Ahjar), Peter Joseph Dei Conti Sant Manduca (PN), Maria Stella k/a Etoile Farrugia (PN), Nicholas Jensen Testaferrata (Independent), Paul Bugeja (Ghal Mdina Ahjar), Mario Galea Testaferrata (PN), Francis Tabone (PN), Jane Attard (PN).

Raymond Balzan (MLP), William Galea (MLP), Charles Richard (PN), Joseph Schembri (MLP), Antida Tabone (PN), Dorian Bugeja (MLP), Etienne Falzon (MLP), Paul Muscat (Assistenza lill-Batuti), James Cauchi (PN), Darleen Zerafa (MLP), Joseph Scerri (MLP) and Carmel k/a Charles Fava (MLP).

Joseph Bonnici (MLP), Robert Buhagiar (MLP), Joseph Buttigieg (PN), Mark Camilleri (MLP), Doris Dalli (PN), Anthony Farrugia (MLP), Ian Meli (AD), Thomas Micallef (MLP), John Pace (MLP), Grace Pulis (MLP), Giovanna Vella (MLP), Dr Christopher Zarb (PN), Domenic Agius (MLP), John Camilleri (Independent), Anna Calleja (PN), Francis Catania (PN) and Ruben Teeling (PN).

Anthony Hili (PN), Carmel Theuma (PN), Joseph Debrincat (MLP), Vivienne Mary Galea Pace (PN), Josef Schembri (MLP), Dr Anton Tabone (PN) and Samuel Azzopardi (PN), Victor Camilleri (MLP) and Francis Masini Vento (MLP).

Rosario Agius (PN), Doris Borg (PN), Joan k/a Joanne Borg (MLP), John Mary Calleja (MLP), Antonio Fenech (PN), Colin Fenech (Independent), Anthony Formosa (PN), John Tonna (Independent), Mario Mallia (AD), Mary Spiteri Shaw (MLP), Raymond Portelli (PN), Michael Camilleri (MLP), Saviour Demicoli (PN), Antoinette Tabone (PN), Emanuel Farrugia (MLP), John Ciliberti (PN), Josephine Vella (PN) and Sergio Carbonaro (PN).

Saviour Camilleri (MLP), Rita Cutajar (MLP), Alfred Debono (PN), Anthony Degiovanni (MLP), Raymond Deguara (MLP) Mark Lombardo (PN), Nicholas Baldacchino (MLP), Rudolf Degiorgio (MLP), Priscilla Vella (PN), Charles Bonello (PN), Oswald Lautier (PN), John Anthony Azzopardi (MLP), Darren Marmara (MLP) and Maurice Gauci Grech (PN).

Angelo Agius (MLP), John Mary k/a Mario Calleja (MLP), Martin Gravina (MLP), Michel Mifsud (PN), Anthony Brincat (MLP), Leonard Cutajar (PN), Osvaldo Pace (MLP), John k/a Ivan Schembri (PN).

David Apap (PN), Carmen Vella (PN), Dimitrius Agius (MLP), John Camilleri (MLP), Eugenio Portelli (MLP), Raymond Cassar (PN) and Sam Cefai (PN).

Joseph Mary Abdilla (MLP), Carmel Agius (MLP), Rose Agius (PN), Angelo Attard (MLP), Emanuel Cutajar (MLP), Emanuela Muscat (MLP), Roev Zahra (PN).

Victor Caruana (PN), Speranza Chircop (MLP), Christian Mizzi (AD), Gino Tanti (MLP), Joseph Vella (MLP), Michael Cohen (MLP), Christopher Farrugia (PN), Maria Sultana (PN), Michael Zarb (MLP).

San Gwann
Maria Carmela k/a Marica Bayliss (PN), Joseph Borg (MLP), Laurence Borg (MLP), Dominic Cassar (PN), Alfred Galea (PN), George k/a Neville Mallia (PN), Renato k/a Renè Savona Ventura (MLP), James Sghendo (MLP), Heather Storace (MLP), Victor Xuereb (MLP), Jurgen Balzan (AD), Etienne Bonello Dupuis (PN), Anthony Camilleri (MLP), Julian Spiteri (PN), Emmanuel k/a Wally Farrugia (MLP), Charles Burlò (MLP), Tiziano Mousu (PN), Kurt Guillaumier (PN), Emanuel Caruana (PN) and Anthony Mifsud Bonnici (MLP).

James Camilleri (AD), Salvatore Farrugia (PN), Frank Galdes (PN), Mary Magdalen Magri (PN), Catherine Abela (MLP), Carmel k/a Charles Caruana (MLP), Lorraine Farrugia (MLP), Tony Saliba (MLP), Josephine Sciberras (PN), Richard Stagno Navarra (Ahna ghal Hal-Lija Ahjar), Joseph Mary Mangion (Ahjar Iben Hal-Lija) and William Azzopardi (PN).

Sandro Gatt (PN), Carmel Mifsud (MLP), Carmelo Zammit (PN), Notary Owen Bonnici (MLP), Ursula Greenland, (MLP) David Vella (MLP), Michael Mercieca (PN), Kurt Oscar Sansone (AD), Christopher Agius (MLP), Maria Victoria Busuttil (PN), John Baptist Camilleri (PN) and Emanuel k/a Noel Portelli (PN).

David Battistino (PN), Elia Borg (MLP), Marisa Borg (PN), Agostino Ebejer (MLP), Michael Farrugia (MLP), Carmen Gauci (PN), Raymond Muscat (MLP), Paul Vella (PN), Giovanni Gatt (PN), Christopher Ghio (PN) Lazarus Grima (PN).

Maurice Agius (PN), Simon Cassar (PN), Emanuel Abela (MLP), Simon Aquilina (MLP), Margaret Baldacchino Cefai (MLP), Joseph Bartolo (PN), Joseph Brincat (PN), Ythamar Brincat (MLP), Mary Anne Cuomo (PN), Alfred Farrugia (PN), Dr Carmel Grima (PN), George E. Kissaun (Partit Nahal) and Martin Micallef (Ghall-Gid ta' Msida).

Anthony Abela (PN), Silvan Agius (AD), Louis Bonnici (PN), Joseph Catania (PN), Joseph Grech (PN), Saviour Sciberras (PN), Paul Scicluna (PN), Speranza Xuereb (PN), Emanuel Zammit (PN), Victor Agius (MLP), Alexander Farrugia (MLP), Lino Gatt (MLP), Noel Gatt (MLP), Joseph John Gerada (MLP) and Maria Fatima Deguara (PN).

Santo Attard (MLP), Nazzareno Bonnici (MLP), Achille Michael Brockdorff (PN), Anthony Camilleri (MLP), Josephine Fabri (MLP), Joseph Gatt (PN), Joseph Goggi (PN), Annhelica Scerri (PN), Dr Malcolm Mifsud (PN).

Charles Azzopardi (MLP), Michael Bondin (PN), Nazareno Borg (PN), Mario Falzon (PN), Jonathan Spiteri (PN), Mary Helen Stroud (PN), Paul Azzopardi (MLP), Paul Bugeja (MLP), Dolores Coleiro (MLP), Francis Fabri (MLP), Carmel Vassallo (MLP), Amanda Maria Ciappara (PN), Paul Grech (MLP), Paul Abela (PN) and Nazju Cassar (PN).

Joseph Bajada (PN), Massimo Grima (MLP), Carmel Camilleri (MLP), Ruben Cassar (MLP), Mary Mifsud (Ghal Sannat Ahjar) and Emanuel Terribile (PN).

Robert Arrigo (PN), Anthony Borg (PN), Michael Briguglio (AD), Gloria Maria Mizzi (PN), Michael Pace Ross (PN), Ivan Portanier (PN), Edward Scicluna (PN), Albert Bonello Dupuis (PN), Architect Martin Debono (MLP), Anthony Mallia (PN), Frank Testa (MLP), Luke Vella (PN), Marannne Aquilina (MLP) and Marvin Joseph k/a Marvin Farrugia (MLP).

Angelo Bartolo (MLP), Lawrence Bonavia (PN), Francis Brincat (MLP), Omar Caruana (MLP), Paul Farrugia (MLP), Jesmond Manicaro (PN), Maria Doris Vella (MLP), Andreana Zammit (MLP), Joseph Bondin (PN), Sinclair Cassar (PN), Rudolph Marmarà (PN) and Marisa Schiavone (PN).

Raymond Attard (MLP), Mario Buhagiar (MLP), Aloysius Ignatius k/a Louis Laganà (PN), Deborah Refalo (PN), Anthony Valvo (MLP) and Antonia Buttigieg (MLP).

Lewis Camilleri (MLP), Joseph Mary k/a Joe Mifsud (PN), Joseph Micallef (MLP), John Camilleri (MLP), John Said (PN), Godfrey Muscat (PN), Saviour Abela (MLP) and Joseph Abela (MLP).


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